doc! photo magazine vol. Q6 #41


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A unique issue dedicated to Stanley Greene, one of the most known and respected photojournalists in the world, died on May 17, 2017. With his passing, the world of photography has lost a wonderful colleague and friend always ready to help, advise, say a warm word. No matter what topic he worked on, his photographs always provided deep emotions and allowed to see the world from completely different perspective - HIS perspective. Good bye, Stanley!

This edition of doc! photo magazine is prepared in collaboration with the 2017 W Ramach Sopotu Festival of Photography and the 2017 Białystok Interphoto festival.


    • In Memory of Stanley Greene: Stanley Greene by NOOR
    • The Berbers in Morocco: A Culture of Resistance by Ferhat Bouda | Agence VU’
    • Destino Final by Giancarlo Ceraudo
    • You Catch it or Not by Bogdan Dziworski
    • Unseen by Jung A Kim (contra doc!)
    • 3 x Veto by Chris Niedenthal
    • Warm Waters by Vlad Sokhin
    • I Know What Your Misfortune Is by Ilona Szwarc (contra doc!)
    • Commemorative Photo by Alexander Vasukovich
    • Instant Stories by Wim Wenders


    • Darkness Is Their Identity - Giancarlo Ceraudo in conversation with Anna Akage 
    • I Prefer Pubs to Museums - Bogdan Dziworski in conversation with Grzegorz Kosmala and Wojtek Wieteska


      • Repatria by Julia Pirotte by Georges Vercheval
      • Le Style Photographic (In Search of) by Wojtek Wieteska


    Format: 235x320 mm
    Number of pages: 208
    Number of photographs: 147

    Editor-in-chief: Grzegorz Kosmala
    Design: Aneta Kowalczyk
    Photo post-processing: Aneta Kowalczyk
    Printing: Argraf, Warsaw (Poland)
    Publisher: BLOW UP PRESS
    ISSN: 2299-2855

    Cover photo: Stanley Greene | NOOR

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